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The 2016 Town Council and Mayor: from left to right (standing) Lawrence Jaworski, Keith Pardieck, Derek Favret, Greg Morris, and (seated) Stewart Cumbo, Mayor Pat Mahoney, and Valerie Beaudin.

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Town Contacts


Pat "Irish" Mahoney
phone: (410) 257-6905

Valerie Beaudin
phone: (410) 218-6696

Stewart B. Cumbo
phone: (410) 257-2230

Derek J. Favret
phone: (210) 834-1841

Lawrence P. Jaworski
phone: (301) 706-3229

Greg Morris

Keith L. Pardieck
phone: (301) 792-1103


Town Administrator
Holly Kamm Wahl, MBA

T. Dale Clark, Treasurer

Sharon Humm, Town Clerk

Marti Gilpin, Office and Community Involvement Coordinator

Connie O'Dell, Utility Billing Administrator

Francine Addicott, Utility Billing Clerk

Town Attorney
Todd K. Pounds, Esq.

Town Engineer
Wayne A. Newton, P.E.

Code Enforcement Officer
Connie O'Dell

Planning and Zoning Administrator
Chris Jakubiak

Water Reclamation Treatment Plant Superintendent
Jon Castro

Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, Water
Donald Richardson

Parks and Recreation

Marylin Van Wagner,: Chesapeake Beach Water Park General Manager, Bayfront Park

Department of Public Works

Public Works Administrator
J. Berry

Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, Assets
Billy Varner

Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, Water
Donald Richardson

Public Works Crew

Dennis Burger
Chris Cordell
Christopher Hardisty
Zeth King
Bryan Miller
D. J. Richardson
Randy Wilkerson
Cordell Young