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Steny Hoyer and Stewart Cumbo

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My Commitment

Experienced leadership and dedication  in Town government.

  • Maintain Small Town Atmosphere
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Will continue Maryland’s Smart Growth,  Land Preservation and Community Revitalization
  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Provide Town Amenities
  • Cooperative Government
  • Public Safety
  • Financial Responsibility and Stability
  • Public Schools that Achieve Excellence in Education
  • A Wholesome, Sustainable Community for all Senior Citizens, Families and Children
  • Safe Roads; Efficient Transportation
  • Controlled Residential and Commercial Growth
  • Support Business Community
  • Support Beach Buccaneer’s Athletic Programs
  • Support Charter Fishing Community

Future Goals 2016-2020

  • Further Water Park Upgrades and Attractions
  • To initiate the National Citizen Survey for the Town of Chesapeake Beach Residents (A Community Assessment Survey) :  The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™) was among the first scientific surveys to gather resident opinion on a range of community issues, and has been used by more than 350 unique jurisdictions in 44 states. Communities using The NCS have reported that the tool improved service delivery, strengthened communications with community stakeholders and identified clear priorities for use in strategic planning and budget setting. The NCS is the only citizen survey tool endorsed by the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) and the National League of Cities (NLC).
  • Veteran’s Park Improvements
  • Digital Signage (Variable Message Board) at Town Hall
  • Work with State to improve or replace Bridge on Md. Rt. 261 at Fishing Creek
  • Continue to Improve Landscaping, Town Beautification and removal of Litter
  • Increase Public Safety—More Police Officers assigned to Beach
  • Public safety video surveillance along Hiker / Biker Trail, Tot Lot and Veteran’s Memorial Park
  • Preserve Small Town – Smart Growth
  • Avoid Tax Increase
  • Avoid raising Utility Rates (Water and Sewer)
  • Support Green Practices
  • Promote stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay and its contributories
  • Promote expansion of the Hiker / Biker Trail
  • Extend sidewalk along Md. Rt. 261 to Chesapeake Village Community
  • Financial  Responsibility and Stability
  • Continue to add services and amenities for community
  • Continue to foster a Walkable Community
  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Reduce waste and inefficiencies in town government
  • Support balanced budget
  • Extend sidewalks along Old Bayside Road from Md. Rt. 261 to I Street
  • Town Seniors and Aging Community
  • Seek and establish (in town) Home Health Care Services
  • Re-establish Town's Gold Plated Service for prescription and grocery delivery