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• Budgets are balanced with sufficient reserves
• Establishment of prudent investment accounts
• Steady increase in the value of residential and commercial properties
• $1.75M in debt paid off this calendar year
• $1.8M surplus in FY17
• Waterpark Concession loan, funded by the Town, has been paid off
• Taxes are constant with a goal of providing enhanced services to the community


• Utilized Highway User Revenue funds dollar for dollar repairing asphalt to approximately 6,750 Linear feet of Town roads, 575 Linear feet of alleys, in addition to paving and striping the entire rear lot of Town Hall
• Sidewalk plans along Old Bayside Rd. included in the Counties Program Open Space and priority letter to the State
• SHA Safe Routes to School grant obtained for sidewalk design incorporating sidewalks along MD261 from Chesapeake Village to Beach Elementary School and Old Bayside Rd.
• Sidewalk Planning Committee implemented and led by Councilman Favret


• Purchased and installed auto flushers resulting in improved water quality WATER RECLAMATION TREATMENT PLANT (WRTP):
• No spills, No violations, No incidents
• Completed the construction phase of the ENR upgrade processing up to 1.5 MGD(Million Gallons a Day)
• Reached permit requirement limits with zero violations
• Educational tour for school children as outreach to the community
• Increased staff coverage at the plant
• Purchased new lab equipment upgrading the plants lab testing abilities
• Redesigned specifications for a new lab layout
• All staff are successfully CPR and First Aid Certified
• WRTP is re-using Effluent Discharge Water in all operations
• Installation of a new Bar Screen in the wet well
• Installation of a new roof on the Administration Building


• Upgrade to LED lights for over 200 fixtures in Town SAFETY:
• Coordination with the County to begin the installation of emergency communication equipment to improve emergency responders access to areas of limited coverage in Town
• Installed a more efficient speed camera at Beach Elementary school further enforcing safety for students
• Emergency Management site created on the Town's website to better communicate with residents prior to an emergency and during an emergency
• Twin Beach Opioid Abuse Awareness Committee implemented and led by Councilman Pardieck


• Implementation of third party inspections, funded by developers, reducing risks incurred to residents and the Town from development errors


• Under the leadership of Councilman Jaworski and Councilman Morris, the successful execution of the first annual “Taste the Beaches “event with close to 2,000 attendees highlighting our local businesses and vendors


• CBOCS hosted just under 1,000 5th grade students, their teachers and chaperones for the annual Oyster education field trip on the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail
• CBOCS achieved one of the highest survivability rates (82%) for oysters in the Maryland Growing Oysters program in the state using their unique Buoyant Oyster Cages on Fishing Creek
• Sustainable MD Certified for 2017-2020
• Formation of the “Green Team”


• Implementation of financial, personnel and utility billing software eliminating duplicative entries and providing “live” budgetary information to Directors
• Implementation of a work ticket portal resulting in an efficient method for public works to receive, assign, track and respond to work tickets
• Streamlined staff / roles and responsibilities providing efficiencies across multiple functions
• Established a scale for employees pay ensuring staff are compensated in line with comparable municipalities
• Identified internal policies and procedures to increase productivity
• Services placed out for bid are competitive, fair, with an increase in public awareness
• Eliminated duplicate insurance coverage reducing costs
• Formation of the “Ethics Committee” and adoption of a “State approved” Ethics
• Development of plans for a balanced utility fund
• Partial dredge completion with majority being funded by the State
• 80% completion of Town utility relocation for the SHA Fishing Creek bridge project
• Doubled recycling services to Town residents without additional expenditures, collecting
over 2,000 tons of trash and over 600 tons of recycling
• Saved at least 20% on multiple contracts by extending the service period resulting in an increased opportunity for local businesses



• Conducted public auctions for equipment not in use netting the Town income and saving on insurance premiums

Railway trail:

• Upgraded handrails with composite rails
• Added potable water for mosquito repellant gardens
Public Boat Ramps:
• Negotiated a Termination Agreement and covenant agreement with DNR for retainage of 20% of the public ramp fees and Town control over rates
• Enforcement of public parking areas remaining available for public boat ramp parking
Kellam’s Field Complex:
• Established protocols for maintenance of fields working closely with the County, Coaches and Landscaping contractor
• Clean up and mulching of Tot lot

Water Park:

• Employed approximately 180 seasonal employees with approximately 99% being Calvert county residents
• Focus of improvement centered around Waterpark infrastructure
• Itemized and forecasted maintenance budget
• Improved surfaces at the park including baby pool area with zero entries and Octagon decking to include a no slip surface increasing safety for park patrons
• Refurbished safety landing pads for both large slides and all baby slides
• White slide interior refurbished by Park maintenance staff saving over $35,000
• Refurbish of original park features; including snake, alligator, ship slide and baby pool
saving approximately $25,000
• Upgrades to bathrooms including granite countertops, stainless steel sinks and LED lights
• All exterior safety lighting upgraded to LED
• Concrete upgrades/repairs
• Profit in FY17 despite cooler weather and unforeseen closures
• Increase in “Out of County” guest prices resulted in a less crowded park and increased
guest experience
• Chesapeake Beach residents pricing has remained constant for over 10 years
Bayfront Park:
• Power and internet connected to the park entrance
• Security light installed illuminating the entrance and parking areas
• 4-way camera installed with law enforcement access to the live camera feed 24/7
Veterans Park
• Upgraded benches throughout the park