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Welcome to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland




For the past nineteen years, I have been committed to the well being of Chesapeake Beach. As your Town Councilman with community support, it was my pleasure working consistently and diligently while improving, sustaining, and representing our awesome Town.

When elected Mayor of Chesapeake Beach, I will continue the good work of bringing innovations, improvements, and better services wherever needed. I intend to carry on striving to ensure that confidence and transparency are maintained. Through cooperative government and fiscal responsibility, we will keep our small-town atmosphere and maintain our “Banner City Town” status that I helped to acquire.

Because of the pandemic and other disturbing circumstances, things are different, but there are ways to survive and flourish. With new vision and determination, we will accomplish our goals as noted in my platform. I am grateful and appreciative of your backing, as I ask this year for your vote for me as Mayor of Chesapeake Beach.
Thank you for all your positive considerations. May God bless you, our country and our Chesapeake Beach community.

As ever,

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